Executive Summary

AMERICAN WEST JETS releases their Executive Summary to inform you about all of the following: Business Model, fuel contracts, market factors, demographics, airports, destinations, routes and frequencies, airline paint schemes, gross revenues and Valuable information about ROI's (Return on Investment), Technology and Configurations, our Organization, structure and history of the Devoted Individuals involved.

September 21, 2015

AMERICAN WEST JETS releases a designated jumpsuit for our 747 Cabin Crew Beverage Service and to move about the cabin in something more comfortable. The Burgandy and Gold accents personify a lining of excellence, a guarantee if you will to all flights. We wear this with great pride as the uniforms represent the dedication put forth by the founders of our Airlines.

September 11, 2015

AMERICAN WEST JETS releases their fine outlook on the Airlines Uniforms. Their exemplary style dates back to the time when elegance and the traditional was Top Industry Standard with providing only the best to its frequent flyers. The Burgandy and Gold accents personify a lining of excellence, a guarantee if you will to all flights. We wear this with great pride as the uniforms represent the dedication put forth by the founders of our Airlines.

September 1, 2015

AMERICAN WEST JETS releases the paint scheme for the Airline. Using the latest Dreamliner paint, these magistic planes glisten in the sun as they soar to great and beautiful destinations. The flight of the Red, Gold and Fushcia accents separate it from the crowd. Its polished engines and sharp, colorful winglets commandeer this new style for all to see. The Iconic Starred "A" flies large and proud on our vertical tails as the logo has been rooted within the corporation since February of 1974.

August 18, 2015

AMERICAN WEST JETS will service exclusively unserved (or underserved) routes with a highly efficient operation that creates significant profits for the company and its investors. Our new Corporate HQ is in the Geo-Center of Las Vegas, Nevada, 1.5 miles north of McCarran International Airport. We operate out of the NEW International Terminal 3 in Las Vegas and the newly built International Terminal at Ontario Int. Airport. We are building the newest, largest and also the ONLY maintenance facility to hangar up to four 747-400’s at one time near the New International Terminal on the Sanford Intl. Airport near Orlando, Florida.

November 10, 2013

SOLD Sundance Airpark on November 10, 2013.
All of Drex Hansen's Assets have been devoted to:
American West Jets International Airlines Operations.

October 2002

SOLD to FMC Corporation. Whisper Wash™, a wholly-owned subsidiary of American West Aircraft Corporation, is manufacturing and marketing its patented aircraft deicing/anti-icing technology. The Whisper Wash™ Aircraft Deicing and Anti-icing System was originally conceived after a series of airline crashes caused by wing ice highlighted deficiencies in current deicing/anti-icing technology, timing and departure sequencing. Whisper Wash Deicing - Anti-icing System, U.S. PATENT #5,104,068, SOLD to FMC Engineering Corporation.

November 3, 2000

The final negotiations have been completed in the acquisition of Sundance Airpark in Oklahoma City, OK and escrow is set to close on January 3, 2001. Sundance Airpark is a fully functional airport with a 5000' runway with expansion capabilities to 7000'. There are 275 commercially developable acres with 150 corporate hangars and two large hangars (120'x120', 120'x175') which include the main terminal and offices, and four new fuel bays (with the option of self-fueling). It is located 15 miles from downtown Oklahoma City and will become American West Aircraft's production facility for the Learjet Delta-5, Turbo Commander 777, and Kestrel's light aircraft.

American West Aircraft will utlilize the facilities already there and begin production of the Learjets and Commanders in early 2001. Simultaneously, construction will begin on 522,000 sq. feet of new hangars and offices that will house Kestrel Aircraft, Whisper Wash, and all production, present and future of American West Aircraft.

February 1994

American West Aircraft Corporation launches its website online for Aircraft, Engine and Parts Sales.

September 1990

American West Aircraft Corporation purchases 310,000 Jet Engine Parts from AiResearch Manufacturing Company, now known as Honeywell International, Inc., in a partnership with ILS (Inventory Locator Service, LLC) in Memphis, Tennessee to market parts.

May 1990

American West Aircraft Corporation located in Houston moves its based operation to Las Vegas, Nevada and continues to sell airplanes with plans to import, renovate and sell more.

October 1989

Drex Hansen acquires controlling interest in a publicly traded company called "Idealistics, Inc.", in Dallas, Texas, dedicated to Racing Tack, Horse Racing equipment with Track and Barn. Buying 10 1/2 million shares that was control interest at $0.25 cents a share. Towards the end of the year its value went from a 2 1/2 million dollar company to 12 million at $1.25 a share. In November, moved to Houston and the name was changed to American West Aircraft Corporation.

February 6, 1986

Tornado rips apart hangar facility at David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport in Dallas, Texas. Within minutes the tornado left behind a 1 acre polished concrete slab. The devastating damages in value of millions costed about $12,000 to haul the junk metal away. Collector Cars and Exclusive Leer Jets were only a few of the valuable items lost. The 400-Knot Wind Shear managed to kill two people and destroy 212 planes that day. Among the 35 hangars that were affected, Drex Hansen's hangar took the most damage.

March 1983

Drex Hansen and 4 others begin the construction of "HOUSTON NORTHWEST AVIATION INC.", the largest privately owned F.B.O. in Texas with 17 acres of concrete, now the Tomball Jet Center at David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport in Houston, Texas.